Tuesday, December 20, 2011

From One Family to Another...

Last weekend, I had the chance to go see my family in Nashville. They obviously don't live there, they live in good ol' Nitro WV, but since I am in Oklahoma, we decided to go to Nashville to spend our Christmas together. It was a very fun and eventful weekend filled with lots of laughs and silly memories that I will have forever with my sister and parents as well. It did my soul well to see them and to get to spend that time with them, like everyone, we wish our time with our loved ones was a lot longer, but reality hits, we have to go our separate ways. It's my first Christmas in almost 23 years that I have not spent in Nitro.

Tomorrow I leave for Casper Wyoming to spend some time with Jarrod's family. We will be there for a few weeks because not only is it Christmas, my beautiful sis-in-law is getting married. :) i am so so excited for them and to finally have a brother in my life. :D I have never spent a Christmas with the Bowman's or as a BOWMAN! So, I am so looking forward to spending this first Christmas, not just with my hubby, but my new family as well. They have been so good to me, loving me and supporting both Jarrod and I. It is so nice and such a blessing to not just have parents who love me, but my in-laws who love me as well.

I seriously couldn't ask for much more. It gets hard at times being in a different part of the country than both the Hedrick's and Bowman's but it is so nice to feel their love no matter where we go in our lives. I want nothing more than to grow in love and life with my family. its so hard to be away from both of them, but i am reminded that when God calls us in ministry that sometimes means we are away from our families for a while.. not meaning we love them less or they love us less, meaning God is using Jarrod and I to make a difference and push back darkness where we currently are. Its hard to grasp sometimes, but the rewards of being in ministry make that time with family that much sweeter.

Merry Christmas my friends. May you feel loved by the ones you are surrounded by.
For the record,

oh ps. Jarrod landed a job with Tate Publishing and I am so very proud of him. :)

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