Thursday, February 16, 2012

If You Say GO!

I feel like I have been a blogging machine lately!! Today has been one of those days, where i am worn out, but thankful I had one of the most rewarding opportunities to invest in my students, and walk along side of one of my leaders tonight. I have been blessed with many ministry opportunities, that have challenged me, that have stretched me, but most of all ones that I look back and see just how much I have grown. Today was one of those days.

I feel like in the last year along, I have come a long way with my campus life/Skyline ministry. However, I still find myself thinking if I am in the right place, if I am doing enough, if I am called to be in OKC for the time being... all these things circle in my head each week.

I miss our families so much. I feel like one day, we will be able to experience life close to them. I keep reminding myself that God hasn't called us there yet.. that he is working an amazing masterpiece in mine and Jarrod's life. That he is saying, "This is where I NEED YOU!" I know he has a mission and a calling here and now for us, but i am so future minded, that I get caught up on where we will be within the next few years.

Tonight I heard a song that is a few years old, that spoke to me in a whole new way. It's called "If You Say Go" here are the lyrics:

If You say go, we will go
If You say wait, we will wait
If You say step out on the water
And they say it can't be done
We'll fix our eyes on You and we will come

Your ways are higher than our ways
And the plans that You have laid
Are good and true
If You call us to the fire
You will not withdraw Your hand
We'll gaze into the flames and look for You

I am learning to so content with where we are in life. It's a time to grow, to learn and to love. It's a time to dream and act. Its a time to either be depressed or find joy in life. If I go about each day wondering why things have changed, or wondering why I am not where I want to be, life is going to get dark. However, if i seek God in the here and now, and find his love and joy in my life currently, life is going to be so sweet that it is overwhelming. I am choosing to follow God. I am choosing to love the ones near and far, but most of all, I am choosing to serve him now.

If we need to wait, that is what we will do... If we need to move now, we will move our feet... If we need to do something challenging in order to trust Our God, we will. Knowing his ways are not our ways, and what he has in store for us is good and true, is comforting. I have a peace tonight that God is at work. He is doing amazing things, and all I need to do is trust, and follow.

Love radically,

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thank the Lord above for Pinterest && my Husband.

I have had a Pinterest account for almost a year now and I am admitting that it has taken me over.. AT TIMES! Over the past few weeks, I have been on there day after day to see what my friends pinned, what crafts I can do in my free time, but how I can dream about what we want our future house to look like with our little kiddos!

I love looking at different married women's ideas they have done with their husbands. I have gotten so many ideas lately, that I get so excited to add a new/creative piece to our marriage! Here are some ideas that have been so fun for Jarrod and I::

1. Nerf Gun Fight: An idea I saw is that when your hubby comes home from work, have a letter for him, and a nerf gun.. then warn him you have one too... we set some rules, but just laughing, and hiding from one another is just so much fun.. BEWARE, Jarrod got very competitive and hit me in the eye plenty of times!! :)

2. Memory Jar: Starting at the beginning of the year, if we had something funny, loving or just a wonderful memory together, we write it down and put it into a mason jar. So, on New Year's we will read our memories, and remember how we have grown in a whole year. :)

3. Each week, we ask ourselves 5 questions and write them down on our journal. We ask, how did you feel loved the past week?, what does your week look like? How can I encourage you next week? how can I pray for you? Each week, these questions have helped us understand one another, it has helped us grow, love more, but most of all, connect on a deeper level.

4. I did this cool little thing for him on Valentine's Day this year.. I had 12 envelopes and inside each one, I had a planned date that we would go on... Each month, was a date that related to that month or just a date that we never had the chance to do. It gives us something to look forward to as a couple!!

5. Tent Movie Night: Yes, we turned our living room into a huge tent made of sheets and blankets and camped out all night on our air mattress watching Disney Movies. It was so fun! :)

I have done a lot of other things that I found on Pinterest.. As much time and addicting as it can be, I have used it not to just make my eyes hurt and dream of things I might not ever have... I have used it to benefit my husband and I. I love looking a ways in which I can keep searching after his own heart, and vise versa. So, if you are married, dating, engaged, whatever it is, check out Pinterest and how you can keep having unique, fun adventures in your relationship!

Falling more inlove everyday,


Friday, February 10, 2012

3 years, baby,

Today marks 3 years that Jarrod and I have been together. I have loved every single second of being his girlfriend, fiance, and most important, his wife. Thanks babe for make the past 3 years so amazing. I love you.