Thursday, March 1, 2012


This week as been a week like no other. From Jarrod being sick, to different opportunities and doors opening, the world is full of so many wonderful possibilities. I have been in a place where I wanted to know, what else is out there for the Bowman's? God has called 2 people to go and make a difference for the Kingdom of God.

I believe God didn't just call Jarrod and I to sit back and let our passions die. I believe when you get married, two worlds obviously collide. It's hard, but when you are both called, passionate about ministry, people and making a difference, our passions are so much deeper. A person can do anything, but when there is two, the world is at our finger tips.

We have learned and are learning that with our careers, we cant really say, we want to be here and there and all these different places... because when we do that, opportunities are limited. However, we like to take "The Blank Slate Approach". Meaning, God lead us. Allow us to trust so deep in his love, so we can listen. Where he leads us we are willing to follow.

"When you are called to a place, the calling will be affirmed in the other" -Dawn Meadows.

Greater things are coming..


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