Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Anniversary, Jarrod Cody!

A year ago today, I was talking with all my girls about what my wedding day would hold. I remember going to sleep really late and waking up at 5 am because I was beyond excited to marry my prince charming! I remember doing a Jesus Calling on the porch of Benedict Haid Farm, and thinking about how blessed I am, but more so how my dreams were coming true before my eyes. I will never forget waking up and it being a beautiful morning, and once I started getting my hair done, the rain came down. I remember being so stressed because we were having an outdoor wedding but prayed that the sun would shine... lo and behold, by the time the wedding started, it was the most beautiful day. I remember, taking pictures right before then walking outside on the porch to see all my guys and gals lined up.. and my daddy by my side. I remember when the music started, what my dad said to me, and exactly how I felt when I saw my groom for the very first time. Today, a whole year later, I am blessed to say that looking back over the past year, I have come to love and cherish my husband more and more each and every day. I am blessed to have journeyed with him, but more so to celebrate who we are and who we have become over the past year as husband and wife. I have learned a lot about myself over the past year, but most of all, I have learned how to love more. I have learned how to love and appreciate each and every day..I have learned to love the hard times and rejoice in the good times. I am beyond blessed to celebrate this day, as Jarrod's wife.. I thank God every day for sending me a man who is in love with God, loves his family and has a servants heart. God put the right man and family in my life for a reason. They have changed my life from the inside out and for that I am thankful. Happy Anniversary Jarrod Cody Bowman. I love being your wife and falling more inlove with you every single day. Can not wait to see what our next journey holds!! XOXO! Chelsie.

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