Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Will Walk By Faith.

I have a peace. I have a peace within myself, with my marriage, ministry and relationships. Lately, God has been teaching me how to wait on him, and that when we wait patiently for him, he will open a door. I have been trying to figure out what will happen next, where God wants us, but he is just telling me to be still, to wait on him and to live everyday in his presence! When I walk by faith, I will see God's plan.

I am trusting that while I am here in OKC, that I will make those friendship like I once had/still have. Its really hard moving away from friends and family that walked through life with me, who I will always share memories and laughs with. I am praying to find that again, where my friends and I would invest, pour in to one another, pray for one another. I am ready to find friends here that are on the same journey as I am! I am praying for friends that God will bring into my life that will invest in me and I in them. :)

I am trusting that when Jarrod goes in for his job interview on Monday that God will open or close a door. Regardless, God has a plan, and when we align our hearts with his, he will show us our dreams and calling and make them a reality in this presence and light. I have been so blessed to travel this journey with just an amazing man of God that always seeks God's plan for his life. Its a blessing to serve a God that loves us so much that he wants nothing more that to help our hearts reach our dreams.

I am trusting that through every joy and every pain, God will be there holding me, loving me, and allowing me to trust the peace that he always brings. On this ever-changing journey, I am blessed for every obstacle, every pain and every joy. God is at work, and I am trusting that he has a plan. In the mean time, I will be ever-learning, ever-loving and ever-serving.

If you read the Jesus Calling Devos, I hope Oct. 6th spoke to you just as much as it spoke to me. Here is a little bit of the devo from that day::

"Be willing to follow ME where I lead. Follow ME wholeheartedly, with glad anticipation quickening your pace. Through you don't know what lies ahead, I know and that is enough!! Some of MY richest blessings are just around the bed: out of sight but nonetheless very rel. To receive these gift,you must walk by faith-- not by sight. This doesn't mean closing your eyes to what is all around you. It means subordinating the visible world to the invisible Shepherd of your soul"

"We Live by faith, not by sight" 2 Cor. 5:7

I must live by faith, and always knowing that God's plan is just around the bend.

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  1. Such great words, Chels. Even though I moved away from OKC, I feel like you and I have remained close and I hope our friendship continues to grow! I value you so much in my life and I can't thank you enough for your support for me! What job is Jarrod interviewing for? Praying for you guys!! Love you!