Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Total Bliss

The past four months have been total bliss. Through the ups and downs, married life has been all I expected and more. Here is a little list of the top things I have learned since being a married lady!

1. Have fun- being the type of people we are, Jarrod and I have learned how to have fun in the most simple ways. Since we both work with youth, we are the typical newly weds that DONT have all the money supply in the world. We have learned how to have fun by staying home, by going on CHEAP dates and having fun just by being with one another!

2. Unconditional love- being married and with someone 24/7 is great in my opinion. However, through the good time and the bad times, unconditional love is required. When the house is a mess and when something doesnt go our way OR even when times are so hard, Love is required. Our LOVE and God's LOVE!

3. Being Friends: The best thing about being married to a smokin' hot man is that he is and was my best friend way before we even dated! Being best friends allows us to see and understand each other from different points of view.

4. Ohhh We have each other: Having each other is one of the most important things. Being married has showed us who our real friends are, who we are and that when all else fails, we will always have each other.

These are just 4 little things I have been thinking about lately. Without these things, marriage would be boring, dull and just lame. However, with these things, the learning, the journey and the love will always continue to grow.

I am blessed to have an amazing hubby who loves me, his family and God more than anything else. I am thankful for his friendship, his love and support. I am looking forward to the many years to follow. Married life is bliss... total bliss! :)

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